Thursday, October 26, 2006

Biochemical Journal Video Webcasts

Portland Press and the Biochemical Journal have released the webcasts from the recent Biochemical Journal Centenary Symposium ( which took place in July 2006 is now available.
We have access to these on campus - these are very thought-stimulating videos, and worth a watch.
The Centenary Symposium consisted of a prestigious list of speakers at the cutting edge of research brought together to celebrate 100 years of publishing by the Biochemical Journal.
  • Mike Waterfield (UK) - The EMBO Lecture: Cracking the mild, difficult and fiendish codes within and downstream of the EGFR to link diagnostics and therapeutics.
  • Louise Johnson (UK) - Protein kinases and their therapeutic exploitation
  • Alfred Goldberg (USA) - Functions of the proteasome: from protein degradation and immune surveillance to cancer therapy.
  • Mina Bissell (USA) - Modelling molecular mechanisms of breast cancer and invasion: lessons from the normal gland.
  • Donny Strosberg (USA) - Novel mechanisms of signal transduction modulated by G-protein coupled receptors.
  • Steve Huber (USA) - Exploring the role of protein phosphorylation in plants: from signalling
    to metabolism in leaf cells.
  • Stephen O’Rahilly (UK) - Translating metabolic biochemistry into the clinic.
  • Lewis Wolpert (UK) - The public’s belief about biology.


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