Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Library printing and photocopying

Photocopying and printing have not escaped from the summer changes in the library! There are new machines in reprographics on Level 2 of the Library. Each machine is a photocopier and printer all rolled into one. Students and staff who wish to print or photocopy in the library will need their library card, and their library PIN. If you don't remember your library PIN, you have have it email to you from the library catalogue, choosing 'Your use of the library' and 'Change your PIN' - this gives you the option of having your PIN emailed to you.

There are still two machines in the library for adding credit to your library card/print account, and reprographics staff can transfer credit from old cards and accounts to the new cards.

There are extra library staff at the moment to help with the new system, please feel free to ask for help if needed.
Photos below are copying and printing last week, and then week one of semester!


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