Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What is 'Academici'?

Academici is an interesting concept, as a social networking site online for academics. A couple of presentations I've heard lately have mentioned Academici so I thought I'd pass the details along, especially after my weekly update from the site mentioned the following new group:

Molecular Cancer Biology and Cell Signalling.
Our group is aimed to focus on recent developments in cancer therapy and cell signaling findings for oncologists, molecular and cell biologists, biochemists, and those working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries and so share the experiences and knowledge and new ideas.

Here's the 'about us' blip from
'academici' is successful, because it combines the interests of
- knowledge workers who are interested in specific topics and problems, looking out for colleagues and partners
- people who are interested in relating to others, sharing information and knowledge, but also friendship and life
- institutions who would like to support and enhance their researchers and all the other people dealing with them and their institutions
- companies who spend billions for R&D, but could save millions if they could easier link up with knowledge workers

This is also interesting as it seems a move away from traditional publisher and society based networking to a more grassroots, collaborative style, based on emerging technologies and sites such as Academici. I would be interested in hearing whether any Bath staff have joined up..


At 8:46 pm, Anonymous Joanna said...

I very occasionally post on the blog of the guy who wrote "The Republican War on Science".

As you may note, that's on a special website dedicated to science blogs! But I never have enough time to read all the articles and dissertations I should, so I don't spend much time on blogs myself.


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