Monday, July 03, 2006

Communicating with the library

The Library is currently reviewing how we communicate with the University's academic community. In support of this, we are holding a session where you will be given the opportunity to share your opinions on the topic of library communication. We are seeking your views on the effectiveness of our current methods of communication such as e-mail, the library webpages and news flashes and your thoughts on possible future communication techniques.

If you or any interested colleagues are able to come, you would be very welcome to attend a session focusing on our communication with academic staff on Thursday 13 July between 2.30 pm and 4 pm.

We will be holding the session in the meeting room on Level 4 of the Library and offering refreshments (hot/cold drinks and pastries) as an incentive! We're also offering the chance of winning a £30 book voucher as all attendees will be entered into a prize draw.

We look forward to hearing your views. If you or your colleagues are able to attend, please would you be kind enough to reply to
Linda Humpreys (Pharm, NatSci, Chem, Phys) or Kara Jones (Biol, Math, CompSci).


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