Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Library hours over the summer

Here's an update on library hours over the summer. Don't forget there will be quite a lot of building works on level 2 of the library - I'll keep updates posted here and of course you can find regular updates on the news section of the library website.

June 12th – September 29th

Monday to Friday 0800-2400
Services 0900-1700
Bank Holiday Monday 28th August and Tuesday 29th August no staffed services

Saturday 0900-1800
No staffed services

Sunday 0900-1800

Saturday June 10th - we are closing at 1800 because the Summer Ball is being held on campus.
Sunday June 18th - we will be closed all day as there is no electricity.
Sundays July 9th and 16th - we will open until 2100 for the Open University.


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