Tuesday, May 09, 2006

DigiZeitschriften Open Access Archive

In October 2005, the library created a new position in the Technical Services section for an e-journals librarian. The post was filled by Tom Hyland. Tom manages access to our ejournal subscriptions with SFX, our Open URL link resolver that works behind the scenes to connect Bath library users with the ejournals we subscribe to.
Tom has also been working to arrange access to a number of open access journal archives, and the latest one he's added to our list is the DigiZeitschriften Open Access Archive. This is a collection of (currently) 27 journals which have had their back issues digitised and archived. You can find details of the journals added from this open access initiative here.
Whilst JSTOR is our main ejournal archive collection, there are other open access archives that Tom has added to our listings including the Goettingen archive and Numdam, a French open access maths journal project. There are many more open access digitisation programs around the world - if you come across one that you would recommend as a good quality addition to our ejournals, please let me know so Tom can investigate.


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