Friday, October 27, 2006

Beilstein users - please note:

MIMAS are switching Beilstein to a new server with a new means of access on 1ST NOVEMBER. On-campus access will be IP-based so *should* be easier, with no registration necessary. Off campus access will require you to go via a web-registration page each time you login. These are the options:

1. Via BUCS networked computers
From the Start menu, select Programs then MDL CrossFire Commander 7. You will have to login with your BUCS username again. Go to the Start menu and select Programs then MDL CrossFire Commander 7 and MDL CrossFire Commander 7 again. This will start up the Commander software. Click Connect. NB If you access CrossFire in this way (via the terminal servers) you also need to logoff twice.

2. On campus using locally installed software
To login use the username: xfire and password: mimas

3. Off campus
To login, go to:
Click on 'Alternative login' and follow the instructions. NB you will need to login via the web each time you want to access CrossFire.

If you have saved any search strategies or hitsets *on the MIMAS server* they will be lost after 1st November as a result of this change, so you need to re-save them locally. [I don't think anyone has saved searches but MIMAS are unable to tell us for sure.]

Please let us know if you experience difficulties.


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