Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ordering texts for next semester

Now is a good time to send me details of texts or topics for study next semester. As it can take up to a month for items to arrive (be processed, classified, etc...), I would prefer to take an 'active' approach to buying material on reading lists, rather than a 'reactive' approach (ie. buying more copies when I notice there's 19 holds on a title!).
f you are:

a) Using a new textbook this semester
b) Teaching a topic for which students have commented in the past on the lack of resources
c) Teaching a new topic for which we don't have resources

.. then please let me know so I can get resources ordered now. Some staff simply send a copy of their Waterstones textbook order, which is great as it identifies the title, author, ISBN and number of students expected.

Early advice on next semester's textbooks would be appreciated!


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