Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Print update :: new this month

Lots of new Mathematics books on the shelves this month...

Individual-based Modeling and Ecology
by Grimm and Railsback, 2005
Part of the Princeton series in Theoretical and Computational Biology

The abstract reads: The authors begin their book with a general primer on modelling before addressing the problems of theory and conceptual framework for individual-based ecology. An extensive review illustrates the ecological problems that have been addressed with individual-based models.
Shelfmark: 513.79 GRI .

Also new this month:
Barenblatt, G.I. 2003. Scaling. 530.082 BAR
Comer, D. 2004. Computer networks and Internets : with Internet applications. 518.73 COM
Fisher, M. 2005. Handbook of Temporal Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence. 518.81 FIS
Howison, S. 2005. Practical applied mathematics : modelling, analysis, approximation. 514.022 HOW
Intelligent virtual agents : 5th international working conference, IVA 2005, Kos, Greece, September 12-14, 2005, proceedings. Sh 518.24
Schechter, M. 2004. An introduction to nonlinear analysis. 513.215 SCH


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