Friday, November 25, 2005

Microarray Tool

One for the biologists & biochemists:
Taken from last week's Science Magazine 310(5751), p.1099:

"Microarrays reveal which genes crank up or slow down in diseases
such as diabetes and cancer, but they yield a torrent of data that
leaves many researchers feeling swamped. A new site called L2L (for
"list-to-list") from the University of Washington, Seattle, can help
scientists cope with the flood. Users plug in their lists of
regulated genes, and L2L compares them to more than 350 other lists
compiled from published microarray papers. The output highlights
common patterns of gene expression that suggest underlying molecular
mechanisms. L2L can help researchers tease apart the effects of
complex diseases on gene activity."

With thanks to Frank Norman, Librarian. National Institute for Medical Research


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