Monday, December 18, 2006

Photocopying/printing costs reduced

This little piece of news has snuck onto the library website news section, and onto our new informational tv screens around the library, but it really deserves a bigger reception. Printing and photocopying charges have been reduced, yes REDUCED! with the installation of new machines that allow double sided printing at a reduced price. Usually it's 6p per page - double sided prints are 9p per sheet. Good for the environment too!

Here's the official announcement:

It is possible to get a reduced tariff for double-sided printing and copying using the Copy and Print service machines in the Library on Level 2.
Use the printer options on your PC when printing to library machines to choose double-sided printing. Ask Copy and Print staff for advice on Level 2 if you want to photocopy to double-sided sheets.
Black and white A4 (double sided) = 9 pence per sheet
Black and white A3 (double sided) = 18 pence per sheet


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