Friday, March 03, 2006

Library Level Two Re-development

Level Two of the library building will be re-developed over the summer 2006.
An overview of the changes is as follows (an outline from Howard Nicholson, University Librarian):

*Replace the existing revolving door with two separate power operated doors;
*Double the size of the Security Desk and re-new almost all of the security control systems (new CCTV, new card system, new turnstiles, new 3M);
*Re-vamp the social area, with breakfast bars and improved seating and PC connections;
*Re-furbish the PC area with smaller desks;
*Relocate many of the services on Level 2 (I have more details if you are interested)

The point of all this moving around is to free up the centre of the floor as a 'learning space', providing a flexible areas for students to work. This is largely in response to the LibQual survey conducted by the library to gather student concerns - of which learning space improvements was at the top of the list. Plans are still being finalised so I will send out further details as they come to hand. It is a good time to warn those who plan to stay on campus over the summer that construction work will require changes in access to the library and the level two collections.

If there's any questions or comments, I'd be happy to feed information back to the Library Management Team.


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