Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mathematics Today - Exploring the 'blogosphere'

The most recent issue of Mathematics Today contains an article written by Craig Laughton, a PhD Mathematics student at the University of Manchester (Exploring the 'Blogosphere' - He explores the benefits of blogging - try these as food for thought:

*Community building - sharing ideas and experiences, and sparking debate
*Helps improve written communication skills
*Blogs allow you to reflect on your experiences, and over time help show a path of progression (eg. in your study, research, etc..)
*Ease of use and availability of free blogging tools that allow interaction and contribution.

Whilst not for everyone, this does highlight a few of the potential uses of a weblog for those involved in study and research. I believe I read somewhere there's even a LaTeX add-on for those who want to talk equations...


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